LVS Expression Web Class
Homework - Week 5

I am truly enjoying these classes! Finally, I am learning a program that I have had for over a year, but was afraid to use.

My favorite thing wasn't really part of the was designing the photo gallery that works with Expression Web

First and foremost I am a graphics person. Naturally I had to design my own graphics...which meant making changes to the template to make my image fit at the top of the page and allowing my personal photo to fit in the right column.

Thank you LVS and Donna...learning is such a wonderful thing!

To dwt page (used for this site) can be found here.

For style1.css (used for this site) click here.

For layout.css (used for this site) click here.

My css based page can be found here.

For week5.css (used on the above) click here.

Personal photo


...this is me!