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LVS Flash FX Class

I had taken a couple of Flash classes several years ago at LVS Online. I learned a lot about the program and was able to create several Flash files throughout the courses. But, as with all skills, you need to "use it or lose it" and I had not kept up with the skills I had learned.

When my nephew asked me to help design a web site for a new business he was starting I said sure. Then he informed me he wanted a Flash site. Uh oh! My Flash skills definitely were not up to this task!

I might not be ready for the task, but I knew where to go! LVS Online to the rescue. I signed up for a class I had not taken yet, knowing that I would learn new things and be forced to "relearn" some of my previous lessons.

Check out some of the things I was able to create in the LVS Online Flash FX class.

Part 1 Lessons

Part 2 Lessons

Part 3 - Halloween Card

Part 3 - Valentine Card


Always learning...

I am always interested in learning something new. My love was always graphics and when I started working with Paint Shop Pro, I couldn't learn enough about the program.  I searched the web for tutorials for this program and eventually started writing my own.

Several years ago I discovered LVS Online and I was in heaven.  There were so many classes available covering a wide variety of subjects. And the list of courses just keeps growing.

I started  with the scrapbooking classes and just completed several courses in the Spring 2008 session.