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A great place to learn...

I would recommend LVS Online to anyone interested in learning a new skill or honing up on a skill you haven't used in a while.

Since you choose the classes they are always something you are interested in...otherwise, why would you take it???

You work at your own pace within the course schedule. Whether you are a night owl or an early riser, your computer works 24/7 so you keep to your own schedule.

The courses are affordable and the instructors are helpful as well as knowledgeable of their course material. 

Check out the classes they have to offer. I can almost guarantee you'll find something suited to you.

Here are links to my pages from the classes I have taken:

PSP Memories (Scrapbooking)

Memory Page Design (Advanced Scrapbooking)

Flash MX Introduction Classes

Flash MX 2004 Advanced Classes

Expression Web Design Class

Build Your Website I Class

Understanding Java Script

Flash FX Part 2

Digital Darkroom with PXPX2


Always learning...

I am always interested in learning something new. My love was always graphics and when I started working with Paint Shop Pro, I couldn't learn enough about the program.  I searched the web for tutorials for this program and eventually started writing my own.

Several years ago I discovered LVS Online and I was in heaven.  There were so many classes available covering a wide variety of subjects. And the list of courses just keeps growing.

I started  with the scrapbooking classes and just completed several courses in the Spring 2008 session.