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Paint Shop Pro Tutorial Links

Authors L - Z

This list is in alphabetical order by author.
If you know the name of the author or web site, click on a letter below:

~ La - PSPUG ~

Lavender's Tutorials:
Basic Animation
Basic PSP Frame

Transparent Gif

Linda's Tutorials:
Cow Hide
Pillow Frame (1 & 2)
Ripple Burst
See Through Glass Floral Text

Lori Davis Tutorials:
Buttons & Icons
Illumination Effects (PSP7)
Layers (PSP7)
Photo Editing (PSP6)
Photo Editing (PSP7)
Picture Frames
Picture Tubes
User Defined Filters (PSP6)
User Defined Filters (PSP7)

Louise's Tutorials:
Advent Star
Anemone blue
Anemone pink
Angel with harp
Angel on the moon
Animated Star
Apple lantern, anim
Baking Santa Girl
Bear Frame
Bear Pothanger
Bear Sign
Black cat
Bleeding Heart
Bonnet Girl
Candy Bits
Chicken Frame
Country Bird
Country Butterfly
Crocus 1
Crocus 2
Crocus 3
Easter Chick
Easter Hen
Easter Rabbit
Flower Medallion
Flower Wreath
Four Leaf Clover
Gingerbread, boy + girl
Halloween Cat
Halloween Witch
Hat 2
Heart Rabbit
Heart Santa
Hibi Flower
House Frame
Kitten in a Mitten
Lily of the Valley
Photoframe Jeans
Photoframe Skirt
Pinecone Santa
Pink Bird
Pixel poppy
Pixel-rabbit (small)
Plant Stake
Poinsettia, with decoration
Pot Girl
Quilt Hanger Cat
Raven 1
Raven 2
Red Clover
Rose (easy)
Sailing Boat
Salix (Pussy Willow)
Santa cat
Santa with candy
Santa Girl
Santa with Birds
Santa Head
Santa Jump
Santa Sled
Santa with star
Santa bear with ornament
Santa bear, sitting
Santa girl, sitting
Santa's head
Santa kids on a star
Santas in basket
Seal Cub
Sheaf of Oats
Snowman with scarf
Snowman with tree
Snowman with tophat
Sweet Pea
Thread Doll
Toy Dog
Valentine Angel
Welcome-ladder sign
Wheel Barrow
Wooden Heart

Lovely Lady Tutorials:
Simple Column (PSP7)

Lucinda's Tutorials:
Oil Lamp Tutorial
Paper Lantern
Pixel Baby Harp Seal
Pixel Grizzly
Shiny Buttons with KPT
Snow Globe Base
Vector Unicorn

Luver's Tutorials:
Beary Nice Tag
Blot (PSP8)
Butterfly Collection
Cat (PSP8)
Cracked Tag
Dissolve Sig (PSP8)
Drippin Tag
Electrify Heart Tag
Ez Framed Sig
Ez Pattern
Flower Tag
Flyguy (PSP8)
Framed Rose Tag
Fuzzy Fly Sig (PSP8)
Glass Bow Tag
Jigikal Tag
Kalcake Tag
Leather Sig (PSP8)
Mosaic Heart Tag
Ripple Tag
Save your glitter in Psp
SoftBorder Tag
Swirlinblur Tag
Swirlntwirl (PSP8)
Tulip Tag
Welder Sig (PSP8)
Zoomin (PSP8)

Lynxspirit's Tutorials:
Morph Tutorial

- M -

MaMa T's PSP7 Tutorials:
Outline Text
Preset Shapes
Quick Tips
Tools, Palettes & Windows

Marco's Tutorials:
Inlaid Wood
Stained Glass

Mardi Wetmore's Tutorials
(Web Graphics on a Budget)

Martin's Eclectic Adventures Tutorials:
Calling Card
Carved Stone
Lace Doily Mini-Tutorial
Patterned Tiles
Ruffled Lace

Mary's Tutorials:
Creating & Saving PSP6 Frames
Christmas Ornaments
Custom Brushes
Embossed Backgrounds
Faded Edges
Gold Text Without Plugins
Raindrop Images
Stained Glass Without Plugins
Transparent Backgrounds for Tubes
Transparent Fonts
Transparent GIF's
Transparent Tubes

Mary's Tutorials (2):
Air Brush Frame
Creating Selections in PSP7
Faded Texture Backgrounds
Lace Tubes
Masks from Images (PSP7)
Paper Texture BG's
Quick Wood Grain
Screen Capture
Selection Framing

Meneka's Tutorials:
FBN Elegant Lady
Ginger Jar
Plaid Background
Xmas Kitty
Meneka's Tutorials (1):
Down Undah Anime
Ornate Frame Mask
Perfume Bottle (selections)
Perfume Bottle (vectors)
Straw Mask Frame
Meneka's Tutorials (2):
Bear Pic Frame
Easy Globes
Fancy Mask Frame
Frog Decor
Ghost Vector
Gift Box
Kaleidoscope Background
Raindrop Globes
Serenity Background
Simple Texture Background
Texture Background
Tweed Background

Meneka's Tutorials (3):
Bird House
Corner Art Mask
Country Bear
Country Cat
Country Chest
Cubby House
Cut Out Mask
Dual Hanging Globes
Easy Text
Flower Basket
Mask Frame
Snapshot Banner

Monica's Tutorials:
Cookie Tutorial
Dingbat Frame (PSP7)
Do-It-Yourself Icing
Filmstrip Negative (PSP7)
Gingerbread House
Halloween Moon
Ice Cream Cone
Masks and Frames
Photo Effect
Sine Dots 2 Angel
Spooky Tree
Spring Bear
Spring Globe

Moon's Designs Tutorials:
Animated Fire
Brushed Fantasy Background
Brushed Satin Background
Carved Stone Image
Double Mask Frame
Easy Vase from Graphic
Fractal Flowers Background
Padded Leather Frame
Patterned Straw Wall Frame (with mask)
Pure Eloquence Frame
Silk Frame
Sinedot Mask
Sinedot Mask & Frame
Sinedot Seamless Muted Background
Sinedot Tags
Sinedot Trapped Soul
Smudge Brush Inset Image Frame
Spiky Halo Frame

- N -

Nancy Clement Tutorials:
Plaid Tutorial
Snow globe

Nanette's Tutorials:
Coloring Line Art (PSP7)
Custom Brushes
Easy Lace (PSP7)
Frames from Masks
Kaleidoscope Frame
Making your own Masks
Mask Tutorial
Note card Tutorial
Round Birdhouse (PSP7)
(requires Jama 3D)
Ruffled Edges
Smudged Texture

Nannie's Tutorials:
Brush Tutorial

Nightshadow FX Tutorials:
Bronze Beaded Frame
Double Heart Frame
Dragon Fly Jewels
Floral Wreath
Glass Mosaic Frame
Jello Heart
PSP Impressionism
Pretty Painted Plant
Rustic Wooden Frame
Solar Shamrock

- O -

- P -

PSP Crazy Tutorials:
Electric Fan
Wacom Tablet Tips

PSP Designs by Julie Tutorials:
Chisel Glass Frame
Hot Wax Frame
Impressionistic Frame
Lacey Dacey Frame
Mezzy Glass Frame
Plaid Frame
Sepia Mask Frame
Spider Web Frame
Topography Frame
Warm Glow Frame
ZigZaggle Frame

PSP-Paradise Tutorials:
Adding Graphics Into GuestBooks
Christmas Deco 2003
Flux N Scribe background
Ring-O-Posies Tag
Sand Dune Frame
Saving Gif Transparencies
Xmas Gift Bag

PSP Toybox Tutorials:
Aged Newspaper
Buzz Bee Family
Charlie Brown
Creating/Exporting Shapes
Easy Outlined Text
Easy Patterned Filled Text
Knife in Heart
Multi-Colored Vector Text
Radioactive Headless Peacock
Raggedy Ann
Simple Button
Simple Vector Ghost
Watermarking an Image

PSP Tutor Tutorials:
C S Green:
Animated ME!
Basic Background Tiles
Bordered Backgrounds
Candelabra Animation
Cleaning Image for use as Tubes
Color Correction
Coloring Colorbook Images
Corner Background
Create and Use Brushes
Cricket's Quick Silver
Custom Lines
DeskChecking Tiling
Desktop Calendar Wallpaper
Drapes Background
EASY Pearl
Jacquard Background
Kandy's Wonder Ding Masks
Kindergarten Paper
Linen Print Tile
Making CD Labels
Making Greeting Cards
Marabou Cape/Cloak
Needle & Thread
Ornate Index Menu Frame
Pad Side Border Background
Parchment Background Tile
Rolla-Cascade Side Border Background
Run from the VECTOR
Satin-Glo Stained Glass
Shadow Sticks
Soft Touch Frame
Spoon Handle Cross
Texa-Tile Background Tile
Text on the Path
Transform Photo to Graphic
Transparent GIF Image
Tube Frame
Tug Mask
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Using 'Selections'
Vacuuming Twist Name Tag
Velour Background Tile
3D Patterned Text
6-Step "Oil" Painting
Adding Depth to Images
Bordered Background
Christmas Lights (Animated)
Cursor Trailers
Easter Eggs
Easy & Perfect Borders
Easy Snow Globes
Faux Glass Snow Globe
Framed Tulips
Glass Figurines
The Joyce Sparkler Globe
Kilroy Signature Tag
Luv Bugs
Making Tubes
Never Fail Two Image
Painting (Landscapes)
Perfect Jaggie Free Globes
Picture Frames
PSP Format Tips
PSP Versus GIF89a
Quickie Linen Tiles
Rippling Water #1
Rippling Water #2
Round Frame Globe
Screen Capturing
Seamless Tiles
Shadowed Text
Shadowing Text Tips
Super BladePro
Transparent Animated Bat
Tube Collage Painting
Using Font Tubes
Windows Desktop Wallpaper

(PSP Interactive Zone)

(Paint Shop Pro User's Group)

~ Pa - Sl ~

Paint Shop Stop Tutorials:
Bad TV Reception
Breathing Girl
Checkerboard Fade
Chocolate Strawberry Text
Crying Eyes
Deformed Text
Double Mask Swirl
Gem Name
Gold and Diamond Text
Gradient Boxing
Gradient Cubed
Gradient Glow Inversed
How to Fill Slat tubes
How to Glitter Tubes
How to Initial Your Tubes
How to Make a Brush
How to Make a Mask
How to Make a S B Preset
How to Make Vector Shapes
How to Tube
How to Tube with Animation Shop
Jean Text
Jeweled Text
Kitty Through Letters
Light Glitter
Make Your Own Glitter
Neon Name
Omma Dawn
Ommadawn Blinds
Oreo Box
Paint Drip
Perspective Text
Projector Tag
Rainbow Shapes
Retouch and Mask
Retouched Text
Sequin Mosaic
Shadow Boxing
Shadow Selection
Slat Tubes
Snowy Name
Spiral Text
Squishy Letters
Swirly Text
Trace Contour
Twirl N Blast
Underwater Shimmer
Wings a Flutter

Patao's Tutorials:
Antique Bubble Glass Frame
Bunny Tag Animated
Butterfly Woman Tag
Cut Glass Signature Ornament
Diamond Christmas Ornament
Four Poster Bed with Lace
Golden Carriage
Hummingbird Tag Animated
Image in an Image Frame
In the Palm of My Hand Globe
Patriotic Angel
Roses, Lace and Pearls Background
Santa Snore Animation
Ship in a Bottle
Terrarium Glass Garden
Transparent Balloon
Victorian Gingerbread House
Waterfall Animated

Pati's Tutorials:
Almathera Puddler Tut
Beginners PSP Tutorial
Decorative Text (PSP7)
Detailed Leading Techniques
Etched Glass Window
Framing Your Images (PSP7)
Framing with a Glass Effect
Glassing Images
Lighthouse Beam Tutorial
Opaque Backgrounds
Snow Globes (PSP7)
Stained Glass (PSP7)
Stained Glass Butterfly (PSP7)
Using Frames
Using Frames for Easy Stained Glass

Patty's Tutorials:
(see Moon's Designs)

Paula's Tutorials:
Add/Delete Tubes(PSP5)
Rollover Button
Transparent Backgrounds
TV Screen
TV Lens Flare

Paulie's World Tutorials:
Decorative Bordered Backgrounds
Easy Woodgrain Borders
Flower Bordered Backgrounds
Lacy Valentine

Pinkfly's Creations Tutorials:
Candle Holder
Canned Cowboy
Tin Cans

Pixel Tickler's (Marian) Tutorials (#1):
Framing Odd Shapes
Frosted Christmas Ornament
Kaleidoscope Framing
Kim Ansderson Photo Effects
Mosaic Tile Background
Playing with Children's Art
Presets (making from scratch)
Simple Country Shelf
Simple Flower
Using Masks

Pixel Tickler's (Marian) Tutorials (#2):

Pixel's Web Works Tutorials:
Alpha Channels for Selections
Colored Textures
Curves and Antialias
Donut Circles
Easy Bordered Box
Faded Edges
Geometric Selections-Half Circle
Geometric Selections-Quarter Circle
Geometric Selections-Half Ring
Geometric Selections-Quarter Ring
Geometric Selections-Crescent
Images With Transparent Backgrounds
Layers for Beginners
Matted Frame
Precise Selections
Twisted Leaves

Playing With Pixels Tutorials:
Antique Book
Cup and Saucer
Santa Claus
Snow Crystal

Purrcat Designs Tutorials:
3D Text and Images
Clean up an old Photo
Color Palette
Dingbat Lace
Filled Teardrops (PSP 6/7)
Grapevine Wreath (PSP 6/7)
Masks (creating your own)
Notebook Paper
Preset Shape (create)
Sterling Silver Hearts
Tie Dye
Vector Butterfly
Vector Chick
Vector Heart
Wire Edge Ribbon (PSP 6/7)

- Q/R -

Reflections' Tutorials:
BladePro Presets
BladePro Quick Tips
(determining associated BMPs)
Decorative Pattern Background
Installing and creating ICQ Skinz
Noise Background in 5 Easy Steps

 Richie Dumlao's Tutorials:
3D Ring Interface
3D Sphere
All About Tubes
Animation Shop Tips
Blurred Texture
Bronze Navigation Bar
Circular Pipe
Digital Worm
Easy Grid
Embossed Button
Engraved Button
Fading to Background
Follow the Line (PSP7)
Fun Lines (PSP7)
Fun With Tubes
Glow from a Tube
Gradient Borders
Hot Bar
Inset Button
Metallic Bar
Metallic Red
Metallic Spool
Metallic Wire
Neon Button
Orb (PSP7)
PSP7 Preset Shapes
Peeling Cement
Pipe Joints
Preset Shapes (PSP7)
Push Me Button
Quick 3D Pipe
Realistic Wires
Rivets and Screws
Rust Attack
Rusty Gear (PSP7)
Shattered (PSP7)
Techno Weave
Photo Effects:
Blending Photos
Comet Surfer
(joining 2 different images)
Fading to Background
Feathering a Selection
Neon Edge
Pencil Sketch
Text Effects:
Antique Text
Beveled Text
Chromed Text
Gradient Filled Text
Hot Text
Raised Text
Text Cutout
X Files Effect Text
Textured Sphere
TV Scan Lines

Robyn's Hooked on Tut'z:
Add a Photo to a Frame
Adding Sparklies
Adding Text to Animations
Adding Text to Tubes
Animated Alphabet Tag
Dusty Mirror
Frameless Frame
Slide Show Album
Topper's Siggy
Wash Day

Ron Lacey's Tutorials:
Everything you always wanted
to know about vectors,
and then some...

Ron Vick's Tutorials:
Cut and Paste
Engraving Stone
Layer - what is it?
Mask (Part 2)
PSP Setup
Stone Engraving
Take the Phantom out of the Mask
Transparent GIF
Vectors (Part 1 thru 5)

Rosepetal's Tutorials:
Burst of Color Background
Circus Seal
Counter Digit Tutorial
Easy Blinds Effect Background
Easy Oil Painting Background
Flower Power Background
Heart Necklace
Twinkle Star Background

- S -

Bill Schnakenberg Tutorials:
Capture Feature
Creating Vignettes
Egg Tutorial
Mouseover Buttons
Photo Editing Tricks
Scotch Tape Tutorial
What the H*** are Layers?

Sensibility's Tutorials:
Animated Valentine Tag
Birthday Bear
Breakfast of Love
Butterfly Tag
Christmas Angel
Christmas Card
Christmas Girl
Corona Frame
Country Grid Frame
Country Zig-Zack Frame
Easy Backgrounds
Eli's Musical Tag
Fibrous Paper Frame
J. D.
Just a Baby
Masked Image and Cutout Frame
Masks in the Wind I
Masks in the Wind II
Mosaic Blur Tag
News Years Bear
Notebook Background I
Notebook Background II
Notebook Tag
Preset Shapes Frame
Reflection Sig Tag
Silver Frame
Time to Relax
Waffle Frame
Weaved Background
Weaved Sig Tag
Winged Lady
Winter Frame
Zoom Blur Tag Sharon's Tutorials:
Fountain Globe

Shawn's Designs Tutorials:
Abstract Frame
Basic Interface
Diner Car
Embossed Background

Shawn's Designs (2) Tutorials:
Mosaic Art

Shea's Creations' Tutorials:
Arrowhead Plaque
Brushed Spike Tag
Bunny Tag
Crumpled Glass Calling Card
Cut Glass Frame
Dancing Sig
Embossed Curls
Faerie Shadows
Flower Girl
Funky Flowers
Green-Eyed Bat
Jack and Jill
Lil Bear Ornament
Lil Fishies(Pixel)
Lil Whale (Pixel)
Mr. Crab (Pixel)
Mosaic Curly-Q
Mosaic Glass
Pixel Bear
Raggedy Doll (Pixel)
Shadowed Panel Frame
Shimmering Colors
Simply Beautiful Frame
Snow Angel
Snow Miss

Shydove's Tutorials:
Blending Images
Gold Overlay
Note Card

Simply Pixelating Tutorials:
Adding Text to Existing Animations
Bezier Bows
Bezier Flowers
Business Cards
Checkerboard Fills
Country Sheep
Cut It Out
Easy Picnic Throws
Great Grapes
Lights Illumination Effect
Manual Color Correction
Melting Snow
Multi-Outlined Text
Pastel Text
Picket Fence
Picnic Throws
Quick and Easy Quilt Blocks
Stars of David
Stretch That Text
Sunburst Illumination Effect
Text Based Snowflakes
Text in a Circle

~ Sp - Z~

Staitlee Tutorials:
3D View Frame
The Gate Frame
Graceful Frame
Lamplight Manor Frame
Pool of Serentity Frame
Room Tutorials
Touch of Heaven Frame
Wedding Frame

State of Entropy Tutorials

Sunflower's Tutorials:
Best Friend Bears
Easter Bunny
Friends Plaque
Girls Night Out
Graduation Bear
Halloween Sign
Live Well Banner
Mosaic Glass Tag
New Years Baby
Patriotic Bear
Proud American Plaque
Shamrock Bear
Sleepytime Bear
Smiley Face Vase
Smiley Mug
Snowman Plate Holder
Spiky Halo Tag
Sunflower Sign
Thanksgiving Blocks Sign
Twirl Tag
Valentine Buddy
Zoomblur Tag

Sunshine Designs' Tutorials:
Animated Water Fall Globe
Background Set Using Blinds Texture
Border Background Using Tubes
Carnival Gift Balloon
Country Style Fence
Country Window
Eggstraordinary Eggs
Etched Crystal Egg & Globe PSP8
"Favicon" Using PSP and Microangelo
Halloween Sign
I Flip For Snow
Kaleidoscope Lace Background Tiles (PSP7 & 8)
Keepsake Wine Flute
Lace Covered Collector Egg
Lil Diane's House
Mini Web Blog
My First Teddy "Little Bear"
My Shadowbox
Mystical Wonders
Panoramic Candle In PSP8
Patriotic Bonnet Girl
Pockets Of Sunshine
Robins Nest Birdhouse Barn
Seamless Embossed Background
Stamp Collectors Table
Tear Drop Globe In PSP8
Valentine Cookie Bouquet

- T -

Tephra's Tutorials:
Battenburg Lace
Bishop's Sleeve Drape
Braids (Part 1 and 2)
Brandy Snifter
Brandy Snifters from Vectors
Crochet Chain
Glass Domed Frames
Knotted Bead Strands
Marble Columns
Pearl Strands
Roman Shade/Swags
Seamless Tiles
Vector Hankies

Texas Princess Designs:
Animated Spider/Web Sigtag
Converting PI Objects for PSP
Easy Plaid Background
Fine Leather Background
Making A Watermark
Moire Kaleidoscope Simple QuickTile
Santa Bag
Splat! Patchwork Frame
Special Simple Frame
Texas Signature
Twirl/PaintEngine Background

Thundering Eagle Tutorials:
Animated Christmas Card
Animated Signature Button
Easy Stained Glass
Perspective Animated Shadow (without Eye Candy)

Tigger's Graphics Tutorials:
Connie's Lace Frame
Corner Stationery
Muted Gradient
Oilpaint Effect
Saving a Transparent GIF
Three Frame Transparency

Tom (State of Entropy) Tutorials:
PSP4 Tutorials:
3D Designer Boxes
3D Metal Text
Canvas Backgrounds
Cartoon 3D Text
EZ 3D Bars
Pastel Backgrounds
Puzzle Photos
Sidebar Backgrounds
Slime Text
Stained Glass
Text - Frozen
Text - Glass
Text - Golden
Text - More Gold
Text - Inner Shadow
Text - Jade
Text - Vanishing Point
PSP5 Tutorials:
3D Embossing
3D Metal Text
Block 3D Text
Burning Ember Text
Canvas Backgrounds (updated)
Cartoon 3D Text
Cartoon 3D Text (updated)
Cookie Cutter Text
Create a DreamScape
EZ 3D Bars (updated)
Flame Text
Frozen Text (updated)
Glass Text (updated)
Golden Text (updated)
Light Bulbs from Scratch
Marbled Swirl Patterns
More Gold Text (updated)
Pastel Backgrounds (updated)
Pencil Sketches
Puzzle Photos
Screws from Scratch
Sidebar Backgrounds (updated)
Simple Spheres
Slime Text (updated)
TV Screens
Vanishing Point Text (updated)
Weave Patterns
PSP6 Tutorials:  
Creating Vector Shapes
Digital Eyes
Feather and Scale Patterns
Flex Tubing for Interfaces
Infinite Buttons
Sand Text
Stupid Text Tricks#1
Text Around a Circular Path
Textures Using Blend Modes
PSP7 Tutorials:
Watercolors from Photos
Blade Pro: 
Blade Pro + Layers
Blade Pro Presets
Blade Pro Sidebars
Glass Text
My Jewel Tutorial
Outer Bevel
Rainbow Candy

Tracy's Graphics Tutorials:
Water Animation

Treasure Designs Tutorials:
Billy da Buzzard
Country Kids
Crystal Ball Background
Leo da Lion
New Years Baby
Pinky the Mouse
Printable Calendar
Tommi da Viking
Valentine Kitty
Valentine Moose
Valentine Puppy

Trish's Tutorials:
Baseball Doll
Country Heart Plaque
Country Plate
Desktop Theme

Tuesy's Tutorials:
Cathy's Red Rose Mask
Christmas Bar
Paint Blob

- U/V -

- W -

Web Art Tutorials:
Cat in the Hat
Creating Tube Trees
Doc Paul Preset
FBN Lady - Anita Phixx
FBN Lady Wallpaper
Fishing Plaque
Goldilocks and Baby Bear
Haunted House
Hey diddle diddle
Jail House
Lonely Loons
Medieval Preset Shapes
Miss Clover & Mr. Lucky
Painting Roses
Painting a Vector Parrot
Painting Vector Tukki Bird
Preset Shapes Tutorial
Pretty Bird at the Lake
Swing Set
Using Shapeshifter
Vectored Fairies
Wanted Poster
Witch & Green Cat

Web Graphics on a Budget Tutorials:
Bars, Bullets, Decorations
Creating Links (PSP6)
Curing the Jaggies (PSP6)
Cutout Graphics
Customizing (PSP7)
Easy Sphere (PSP6)
Edit Menu (PSP7)
Effects Menu (PSP7)
File Menu (PSP7)
Flood Fill Tool (PSP6)
Image Menu (PSP7)
Installation (PSP7)
Mask 501
Misc. Tools (PSP7)
PSP Basics
Paint Tools (PSP7)
Photo Correction (PSP6)
Picture Frames (PSP6)
Sculpture Effect (PSP6)
Selection Tools (PSP7)
Stained Glass Vector Pattern (PSP6)
Text Effects
Text Tips
Text Tool (PSP7)
View Menu (PSP7)
Workspace (PSP7)

Web Graphics on a Budget Application Tutorials:
Animated Welcome
Art Palette Splash
Blade Pro
Drape Your Page
Frame a Graphic
Fun with Clip Art
Fun with Fractals
Image Manipulation
Inlaid Wood
Instant Buttons
Jeweled Graphics
Logo Design
Menu with Mouseover
Mouseover Banner Ad
Photo Edges
Quilting and Stained Glass
Rainbow Graphics
Stitched Leather
Tooled Leather

 WGB Creations Tutorials:
Baby Crib
Country Cupboard
Country Hall Seat
Country Pouting Chair
Country Tater & Onion Box
Curio Cabinet
Designer Table Background
Designer 3 Table Background
Ferris Wheel Flower Holder
Flower Cart
Making a Face
Park Bench
Picnic Table
Tile Table
Toilet Paper Stand
Wind Chime
Wind Mill
Wooden Flower Pots

WGB Creations Holiday Tutorials:
Elf Stocking Holder
Gingerbread House
Santa Candle Holder

Whisper's Tutorials:
Animated Globe
Blooming Tiles
Copper Watering Pot
Easy Quilt Background
Escher-esque Tiles
Fae Compass
Flaming Text
Golden Butterfly
Lattice Frame
Lattice Tile
Old Watercolor
Poor Man's Planter
Seamless Tiles with 20/20
Speeding Text
Strawberry Pot
Swirled Bondage Tiles
Thorny & Plain Frame
Tiny Dragonfly Tiles
Tortoise Tiles
Tri-Diamond Tiles
Trish Bar
Wooden Nutcracker

Windy City Designs Tutorials:
Add Color to Dingbats
CD Graphic
Fill and Bevel Text

Birdhouse Box
Bordered Buttons
Country Quilting
Country Wallpaper Fills
Embossed Stamping
Folk Art Weathervanes
Friendship Quilt
Heart Shaped Grapevine Wreath
Heart Tassels
Jewelry Box
Muted Victorian Tiles
Panorama Eggs
Printable "To Do" Lists
Seed Packs
Valentine Greetings
Victorian Boxes

- X/Y/Z -

Ziggy's PSP Tutorials:
Address/Gift Labels
Corner Frame
Frosted/Glass Look Hummingbird Decor
Shadowed Mask
Sinedot Butterfly
Sinedot 2 Lamp
Valentine Express