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Tutorials Q - Z

This list is in alphabetical order by tutorial.
If you know the name of the tutorial, click on a letter below
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Q R S Sk T Tran U V W X-Z

- Q -

Quarter Fold Card
Quick 3D Pipe
Quick Border Background
Quick & Easy GeoFlare Framing
Quick & Easy Mirror - PSP6
Quick Marble with Eye Candy
Quick Silvers, Copper and Lead
Quick Tips
Quick Wood Grain
Quickie Linen Tiles
Quickies 1-2
Quiet Design Blended Background Tiles
Quill & Feather Signature
Quilt Blocks
Quilt Hanger Cat
Quilted Patchwork Tiles
Quilting and Stained Glass
Quilting using 20/20

- R -

Radial Glitter Background (PSP8) Radio
Radioactive Headless Peacock
Ragdoll Best Friends
Raggedy Andy
Raggedy Doll (Pixel)
Raggety Ann
Raggety Andy
Rail Road Rita PSP7
Rail Road Ron
Rainbow Background
Rainbow Candy
Rainbow Candy
Rainbow Glass Text
Rainbow Graphics
Rainbow Marble Backgrounds
Rainbow Shapes
Rainbow Tag
Rainbow Text
Raindrop Globes
Raindrop Image
Raindrop Images
Raindrops on Photos
Rainy Day Duck
Rainy Days Color Adjustment
Randy Rabbit
Raven 1
Raven 2

Ready for School
Realism (PSP6)
Realistic Wires
Recessed Buttons
Red Clover
Red Eye Notes
Red Eye Removal
Red Eye Tutorial
Reflection Sig Tag
Reflective Image
Reflective Metal
Reindeer Pot
Reducing the Glare
Remove Background From a Photo and Make a Picture Tube
Removing Colour
Removing White Backgrounds
Renaissance Flipped Tag
Repair Lost File Associations
Resizing Graphics
Retouch and Mask
Retouched Text
Retrodors Frame
RetroDots Flower Designs
Reverse Out Text
Ribbon of Hope
Ribbon Text
Ribbons Background
Rich & Famous Frame
Ring-O-Posies Tag
Ringing the World
Ripple Burst
Ripple Tag
Rippling Water #1
Rippling Water #2
Rivets and Screws
Robins Nest Birdhouse Barn
Rocky, the Rhode Island Red
Rolla-Cascade Side Border Background
Rollover Button
Rolly Polly Bunny
Roman Columns
Roman Shade/Swags
Romantic Frame
Ronda's Rocker
Room Designs (52 to choose from)
Room Screen
Room Tutorials
The Rose Rose (easy)
Rose Frame
Rose in Mirror
Rose-Sparkle Sig Tag
Roses, Lace and Pearls Background
Roses on a Trellis
Rotated Frame
Rotating Mirror
Round Birdhouse (PSP7)
(requires Jama 3D)
Round Border
Round Buttons
Round Frame Globe
Round-ended Divider Bars
Roving Eyes (PSP7 only)
Rowboat Shelf
Ruddy Rudolph
Rudolph (PSP8)
Rudy Reindeer
Ruffled Edges
Ruffled Edges
Ruffled Heart
Rug using 20/20

Run from the VECTOR
Running Shadow
Rural Landscape with Red Barn
Rust Attack
Rustic Wooden Frame
Rusty Gear (PSP7)

- S -

Sad Little Clown
Sailing Boat
Sailor Ted
St. Pat's Welcome Flag
Salix (Pussy Willow)
Sammy Scarecrow
Sand Dune Frame
Sand Text
Santa Bag
Santas in basket
Santa Bear with Ornament
Santa bear, sitting
Santa with Birds
Santa Calendar
Santa Candle Holder
Santa with candy
Santa cat
Santa Claus
Santa Girl
Santa Head
Santa Jump

Santa kids on a star
Santa Sled
Santa and his Sleigh
Santa Snore Animation
Santa with star
Santa's Elf
Satin-Glo Stained Glass
Save your glitter in Psp
Saving Gif Transparencies
Saving a Transparent GIF
Scarecrow (PSP8)
Scarecrow Face
School Bag
Schoolhouse and Bonus Frame
Scotch Tape
Scotch Tape Tabs
Screen Capture
Screen Capture
Screen Capturing
Screen Capturing with PSP
Screws from Scratch
Sculpture (PSP6)
Sculpture Effect (PSP6)
Sculpture Preset
Seagull Frametag
Seal Cub
Seamless Background
Seamless Backgrounds
Seamless Embossed Background
Seamless Fall Tile
Seamless Tiles
Seamless Tiles
(and Muted Tile Background)
Seamless Tiles
Seamless Tiles with 20/20
Seamless Tiles with BladePro
Seamless Top Scrolling Border
Seashell Angel
See Through Glass Floral Text
See-Through Text
Selection Filled Images
Selection Framing
Selection Tools (PSP7)
Selections with Better Edges
Selections (Making and Modifying)
Separating Tubes in PSP
Sepia Mask Frame
Sequin Mosaic
Serenity Background
Seven and Other Effects
Seymour Snowman
Shading with the Airbrush
Shadow Art
Shadow Boxing
Shadow Frame
Shadow Selection
Shadow Sticks
Shadow Text (1)
Shadow Text (2)
Shadow Text (3)

Shadowed Mask
Shadowed Panel Frame
Shadowing Text Tips
Shamrock Bear
Shapes with Texture and Deformation
Shattered (PSP7)
Sheaf of Oats
Shifting Light on Gold
Shimmering Colors
Shine Text
Shiny Buttons with KPT
Shiny Colorful Star Background Tiles
Shiny Mosaic Frame
Ship in a Bottle
Shipping Train Cars
Shuttered Window in PSP 6
Sidebar Backgrounds
Sidebar Backgrounds (updated)

Silk Brocade Background
Silk Frame
Silky Gradient Snowflake Background
Silky Star Splash Background

Silver Frame
Silver Sprayed Ornament & Tag Simmerpot
Simple Button
Simple Column (PSP7)
Simple Country Shelf
Simple Diamond Texture Seamless Background
Simple Egg
Simple Faceted Gems
Simple Flower
Simple Gold Frame
Simple Gradient Tag
Simple Heart Pattern #1
Simple Heart Pattern #2

Simple Kaleidoscope Background
Simple Pumpkin
Simple Refrigerator - PSP6
Simple Shelf - PSP6
Simple Spheres
Simple Stockings
Simple Stove - PSP6
Simple Texture Background
Simple Vector Ghost
Simple Wood Frame
Simply Beautiful Frame
Simply Corduroy
Simply Unique Muted Tile Patterned Backgrounds
Simulated Quilted Silk Pictures
Sinedot II Applying a Gradient Fill
Sinedot II Flower
Sinedot Butterfly
Sinedot Butterfly
Sinedot Mask
Sinedot Mask & Frame
Sinedot Seamless Muted Background
Sinedot Tags
Sinedot Trapped Soul
Sine Dots 2 Angel
Sinedot 2 Lamp
Sinedots Star Background
SinedotsII Background 1
SinedotsII Background 2
Sinedot Bows
Sinedots Crisscross Tiles
Sinedots Neon Diamond
Shiny Tiles
Sinedots Reflective Star Tile


- Sk -

Skating Snowman
Skating Top Scroll
Skin Chart
Slat Tubes
Sleepy Bee Tag
Sleepytime Bear
Slice and Dice
Slide Show Album
Slime Text
Slime Text (updated)
Slot Machine
Small but Effective Backgrounds
Smear Frame
Smiley Face Vase
Smiley Mug
Smudge Brush Inset Image with Kaleidoscope Frame
Smudged Texture
Snappy Tiles
Snapshot Banner
Snow Applet (easy)
Snow Crystal
Snowflake Background
Snowflake Background Tiles
Snowflake Swirl Tiles
Snow Angel
Snow Globe
Snow Globe Base
Snow Globe by Nancy
Snow Globe without any outside Filters
Snow Globes (PSP7)
Snow Kids
Snow Miss
Snow Scene
Snowy Days
Snowy Name
Snowman Plate Holder
Snowman Post
Snowman with Scarf
Snowman Sign with Crackle Finish
Snowman with tree
Snowman with Tophat
Soft Blues Seamless Tile
Soft Border Tag
Soft Color Haze
Soft Edge Selection
Soft Focus
Soft Focus Brush Frame (PSP8)
Soft Mood (PSP7 Frame)
Soft Plastic Frame
Soft and Romantic Feminine Tile Design
Soft Toned Diamond Sunburst Background Tile
Soft Touch Frame
Solar Shamrock
South Western Tile Background
Space Angel Background
Space - Spaceship and Rocket
Sparkle Sig Tags
Sparkle Tag
Sparkles # 1
Sparkles # 2
Sparkles # 3
Sparkling Fairy Globe
Sparkling Flower Tiles
Sparkling Rose Sig Tag
Special Effects
Special Simple Frame
Special Times Frame
Speeding Text
Spice Cabinet
Spider Web Frame
Spiky Halo Frame
Spiky Halo Frame
Spiky Halo Frame
Spiky Halo Tag
Spinning Images (animation)
Spiral Text
Spiro Frame
SpiroFX Design Background Tiles
Splat! Patchwork Frame
Sponge Painting
Spooky Text Effects
Spooky Tree
Spoon Handle Cross
Spring Bear
Spring & Daffodils
Spring Globe
Square Design Pattern Tiles
Squiggle Tree
Squishy Letters
Stained Edges
Stained Glass
Stained Glass
Stained Glass
Stained Glass
Stained Glass
Stained Glass (PSP5)
Stained Glass (PSP9)
Stained Glass Butterfly (PSP7)
Stained Glass Cabinet
Stained Glass Ceramic Tile Background
Stained Glass Lamp
Stained Glass Line Art
Stained Glass from a Picture
Stained glass Vector Pattern (PSP6)
Stained Glass Without Plugins
Stainglass Images
Stamp Collectors Table
Star Globe
Star Spangled Country Quilt
Star Wars (PSP6)
Starry Nights Animated Background
Stars of David
Stationery Script
Stationery using Tubes
Steel (1)
Steel (2)

Stepping Out
Sterling Silver Heart
Stitched Country Sun
Stitched Leather
Stone Dingbats
Stone Engraving
Stone Owl
(a basic introduction to layers)
Stone Work 1
Stone Work 2

Storage Cabinet
Stormy Night
Straw Mask Frame
Strawberry Pot
Streak Text (animation)
Stretch That Text
String Easter Egg
Striped and Checked Background
Student Pin
Stupid Text Tricks#1
Summertime Jogger
Sunbonnett Angel
Sunburst Illumination Effect
Sun Catcher
Sun Designed Kaleidoscope Background
Sun Frame
Sunflower Sign
Sun Splashed Patterned Tile
Tapestry Designed Background Tiles
Sunshine Frame
Super BladePro
Suzy Heart
Swan Tag
Sweet Embrace Frame
Sweetheart Frame
Sweet Pea
Swing Set
Swinging Crow
Swirl: feature of Eye Candy
Swirled Bondage Tiles
Swirlinblur Tag
Swirlntwirl (PSP8)

Swirly-Q Background
Swirly Text
Sylvester Scarecrow

- T -

Table & Cloth
Table Scarf PSP6
Tags from Existing Animation
Tartan Christmas Frame
Tartan Wreath

Tassels with PSP6
Tassel Cord
Tear Drop Globe In PSP8
Tear Drops with Eye Candy
Tech Art (PSP6)
Techno Weave
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear with Accessories
Teddy Bear Family
Teddy Turkey
Techno Weave
Terragen (Carol Brooksbank's)
Terrarium Glass Garden
Texa-Tile Background Tile
Texas Frame
Texas Signature
Text 1
Text: Blending Text and Graphics
Text in a Circle
Text on the Path
Text On A Path - My Way
Text - Frozen
Text - Glass
Text - Golden
Text - More Gold
Text - Inner Shadow
Text - Jade
Text - Vanishing Point
Text Around a Circular Path

Text Based Snowflakes
Text Effects
Text Effects:
Antique Text
Beveled Text
Chromed Text
Gradient Filled Text
Hot Text
Raised Text
Text Cutout
X Files Effect Text
Textured Sphere
TV Scan Lines
Text Illusion
Text on a Path
Text Tips
Text Tool
Text Tool (PSP7)
Texture Background
Textured Background
Textured Flower Burst Design Background Tiles
Textured Gradient Text
Textured Motion Blur Frame
Textured Tile Designs
Textures Using Blend Modes
Texturizing Fun
Thanksgiving Blocks Sign
Thanksgiving Tot
The Sea Farer's and the Fancy Derived Background Tile
Thorny & Plain Frame
Thread Doll
Three Color Method
Three Dimensional Mosaic Diamond Tiles
Three Dimensional Multi-Color Flower Design Pattern
Three Frame Transparency
Three Layer Frame
Three Way Tile Background
Tie Dye
Tile Frame
Tile Table
Tiled Mosaic Frame
Tiles Background
Tiles from Tubes
Tiling Tutorial
Time to Relax
Timid Timothy
Tin Cans
Tin Punch Lamp
Tiny Dragonfly Tiles
Tips and Tricks (PSP7)
Titles Text
Toilet Paper Stand
Tommi da Viking
Tonal Adjustment
Toolbar Key
Tooled Leather
Tools, Palettes & Windows
Toons Facez
Top Border Frame
Top Scrolling Background
Topography Frame
Topper's Siggy
Torn Edge Mask
Torn Edges
Tortoise Brooch
Tortoise Tiles
Touch of Heaven Frame
Touch of the Irish
Towel Bar Navigation
Toy Bench
Toy Dog
Trace Contour
Train Accessories
Train Cars (Variety)

- Tran -

Transform Photo to Graphic
Transparency 2
Transparency for the Web
Transparent Animated Bat
Transparent BG
Transparent Backgrounds
Transparent Backgrounds for Tubes
Transparent Balloon
Transparent Fonts
Transparent Frame
Transparent Frame Around Your Graphic
Transparent GIF
Transparent GIF
Transparent GIF Image
Transparent GIFs
Transparent GIFS
Transparent GIFS
Transparent Graphics
Transparent Images
Transparent Tubes
Tri-Diamond Tiles
Trinket Box
Trinket Box
Triple Frame
Trish Bar
Tube (making)
Tube Abstracts (PSP5)
Tube Buttons
Tube Collage Painting
Tube Control in PSP7
Tube Frame
Tube Frame
Tube Making
Tube Management
Tubes (make, export, use)
Tubes Background
Tubes From Difficult Images
Tubing an Image Tug Mask
Tulip Tag
Turning Letters Signature
Turquoise Necklace
TV Lens Flare
TV Screen
TV Screen Background
TV Screens
Tweed Background
Twinkle Star Background
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Twirl N Blast
Twirl Geometric Tiles
Twirl/PaintEngine Background
Twirl Tag
Twist & Shout Tag
Twisted Leaves
Twisted and Torn Mesh
Two Tier Candle Tin
Two Toned Flower

- U -

Umbrella Animation
U. S. Flag
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sammie Bear
Uncle Sammy
Understanding Masks with Layers
Underwater Shimmer
Unsharp Mask
USA Border Background
Use Custom Brushes
User Defined Filters (PSP6)
User Defined Filters (PSP7)
Using the Clone Tool
Using Font Tubes
Using Frames
Using Frames for Easy Stained Glass
Using Masks
Using a Mask on an Image
Using Modes for Artistic Effects
Using Modes for Text Effects
Using 'Selections'
Using Shapeshifter
Using Speciality Paper

- V -

Vacuuming Twist Name Tag
Valentine Angel
Valentine Bear
Valentine Buddy
Valentine Bunny
Valentine Cookie Bouquet
Valentine Day Kids
Valentine Express
Valentine Greetings
Valentine Heart
Valentine Heart
Valentine Heart Candy
Valentine Kitty
Valentine Moose
Valentine Puppy
Valentine Welcome Flag
Valentine Wreath
Valentine's Day Cookies
Valentines Card
Vanishing Point (PSP5)
Vanishing Point Text (updated)
Vanity Dresser
Vase (Transparent Glass)
Vector Baby Doll
Vector Butterfly
Vector Chick

Vector Christmas Tree
Vector Curved Text
Vector Drawing and Node Editing
Vectored Fairies
Vector Flowers
Vector Flower Pots

Vector Goose
Vector Hankies
Vector Heart
Vector Honeybee
Vector Owl
Vector Shapes
Vector Text
Vector Tulip Shape
Vector Unicorn
Vector Vase
(everything you ever wanted to know and then some)
Vectors (Part 1 thru 5)
Velour Background Tile
Velvet Flower Background
Velvety Suede Tiled Background
Vibrant Three Dimensional Flower Splash Tile
Victorian Background Scroll
Victorian Cottage
Victorian Frame
Victorian Gingerbread House
Victorian Hand Painted Lady's Boot
Victorian Shamrock
Victorian Shoe
Victorian Silk Ornaments
Victorian Sled
Victorian Tassel #1
Victorian Terrarium
(Indoor Garden)
View Menu (PSP7)
Vine Wreath
Vinyl LP's
Virtual Eggs
Virtual Eggs
Virtual Paint or Wallpaper Your Home
Volleyball & Soccer Ball
Votive Candle Wrap

- W -

Wacom Tablet Tips
Waffle Frame
Wanted Poster
Wardrobe Chest
Warm Glow Frame
Warper Frame
Wash Day
Wash Day Frame
Water Animation
Water Animation
Water Animation Using Tubes
Water Drop
Water Effects (PSP5)
Watercolor Background
Watercolor Shadowy Flower Background Tiles
Waterfall Animated
Watermark an Image
Watermark Mania
Watermark Signature
Watermark Your Stationery
Watermarking an Image
Watermarking Your Images
Watermelon (half)
Watermelon (whole)

WaterProof (PSP7 Frame)
Wavy Text
Weave Background
Weave Background
Weave Frame
Weave Frame
Weave Patterns
Weave or Quilt and Image
Weave Tag
Weaved Background
Weaved Patterns
Weaved Sig Tag
Weaving Tweed
Web Banner and Buttons
Web Buttons
Web Page Set using Tables
Web Page Set 2

Wedding Card
Wedding Frame
Wedding Frame
Wedding Ring Quilt
Welder Sig (PSP8)
Welcome-ladder sign

What the H*** are Layers?
Wheel Barrow
Whispering Flowers Romantic Background Tiles
Wicker Basket
Wide Eye Boy
Wide Eye Girl

Wild in the Country Frame
Wind Chime
Wind Chimes (PSP7)
Wind Mill
Windchime Bunny
Windchime Flag

Window (Picture) Frame
Windows Desktop Wallpaper
Wineglass with PSP6.02
Wine Goblet with KPT5
Winged Lady
Wings a Flutter
Winter Frame
Wire Edge Ribbon (PSP 6/7)
Wire Latch Country Jar
Wire Mesh
Wired Glare
Wishing Barrel Planter
Witch & Green Cat
Witch Hanging
Wood Cabinet
Wood Carving Tutorial
Wood Engraving from a Photograph
Wood Star Heart Wall Hanging
Wooden Alphabet Blocks
Wooden Chest
Wooden Country Duck
Wooden Flower Pots
Wooden Frame (PSP7 Frame)
Wooden Heart
Wooden Nutcracker
Wooden Wheelbarrow
Working with B & W Images
Working with Dark Photos
Working with Glass Paint
Working with Ovals
Workspace (PSP7)
Workspace & Tools
Woven Four Leaf Clover
Woven Texture Square Patterned Background
Wrought Iron Basket Tree
Wrought Iron Candelabra
Wrought Iron Rack

- X/Y/Z -

Xmas Gift Bag
Xmas Kitty

Yo-Yo Animation

ZigZaggle Frame
Zoomblur Tag
Zoom Blur Tag
Zoomin (PSP8)