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Personal thoughts...

I am proud to be an American! I am proud of my country, my president and my flag! The United States is not perfect, nor do we claim to be! We have been blessed by God with freedoms and riches that we often take for granted in our daily lives. Yet, with these blessings come responsibilities.

I see my country being attacked by foreigners and I weep, for these are the same people we would have welcomed with open arms...welcomed to come and share in our freedoms and riches! I see my country being criticized from within and I also weep, for most of the people criticizing the United States are also the first to invoke the rights granted to them by our Constitution.

The freedoms afforded the citizens of The United States are precious to us, so precious they are worth dying for! Witness the number of men and women who have willingly followed the orders of their Commander in Chief and gone into battle. I am so proud of the men and women who wear the uniform of The United States, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedoms and to bring these same freedoms to others! They are truly my heroes! I pray for them daily and ask God to watch over them and bring them home safely.

I am angry when I hear the anti-American sentiment from other countries! While I realize that political leaders do not speak for all citizens, most of these leaders would do well to remember that The United States of America has come to their aid in numerous ways in our brief history, just as we remember the times in our early years that others have come to our aid!



Anyone who strikes at America is going
to hear from our military... and they
are not going to like what they hear!

President George W. Bush
October 17, 2001

Some ramblings...

I designed my first website on Geo Cities years ago...back when you actually chose a street and address in a neighborhood!  My goal then was to be able to say "I did it."  A couple of years later, I discovered Paint Shop Pro and a whole new world opened to me.

Graphics became my "drug of choice".  I spent hours learning to create graphics. I expanded my site and registered my own domain. I was off and site seemed to grow in leaps and bounds.

Then in 2005 my oldest son, Scott, appeared on American Idol and my whole life changed! I no longer had time for my graphics...all my time was spent in the "real" world! Funny how sometimes life gets in the way of what we are doing!

While I wouldn't change anything that's happened over the last few years, I found not only did I miss my creative outlet, the internet community made some changes while I was away. Now I'm back to doing what I love!