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I have seen so many things since I have been "online" that have moved me to either tears or laughter (or both) that I decided to put some of them together in such a way that they could be seen on a web page. Most of these I have received via e-mail, but you are limited when using e-mail, so I thought a web page was the perfect answer.

Click on one (or all) of the links below to view these "specialty" pages.

Having a bad day?

Check out this page - guaranteed to lift your spirits!

Do you believe?

This page will give you something to think about!

Are you a parent?

This page is a must read for you!

Ever wondered what a baby thinks?

If this page doesn't make you cry, nothing will!

Every woman...

Every woman should read this page!

Always appreciate people...

This page will make you wonder what you would do!

For those who wonder...

Read this page for an explanation of the women's room!

Do you have a list?

The one on this page is a good one!

We all need this memo!

Check out this page for a memo from God!

Love your freedom?

This page is a must read for you!

Wonder what your child would like?

Read this page for some ideas!

Be glad you don't work here...

Think you have problems at work? Check out this page!

Want the good stuff?

This page might help you!

Life's lessons...

A child can teach this page!

Here's a prayer we could all use...

Ever really prayed? Check out the prayer on this page!

True love never dies!!!

This page is a true love story!


Remember Grandma? Remember her shoes?

Some things I am thankful for...

Check out this page for some of them!