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This tutorial was written using PSP7, but should work in fine in PSP6.  You will learn how to make a seamless, patterned background, such as the one I used on this page.  I'm sure I learned the basic technique from another tutorial, which is how most tutorials come into being.  

The first part of this tutorial will show you how to make the pattern I used for this page.  You will need the Lattice Composer plug-in from Redfield, which you can download here.  I am using the OLD version of Lattice Composer v1.02, which you will find about half way down the page.

WARNING: I find tutorials with lots of visuals much easier to follow so I use a lot of screen shots in my tutorials.  This one is no exception, so please be patient and give the page time to load - you won't be sorry!

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***  PART I  ***

1. Open a new image 300x300.

2. Flood fill with a gradient fill (you can use any gradient or pattern - I happen to like the result with Cyan-Magenta-Yellow), using the following settings:

Gradent fill settings

3. Go to Effects/Plug-in filters and apply the Lattice Composer filter, choosing the "Strap Tease" preset:

Lattice Composer settings

4. You should end up with this:

Lattice effect

5. PSP allows you to select a portion of a graphic and make a seamless pattern from it, but since this lattice is not perfectly square, we would end up with a blurred edge if we tried it

6. In case you don't believe me (LOL), here's what it would look like:

Blurred pattern


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