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Animated Book Tutorial

Written for Paint Shop Pro Version 8
(Will also work in PSP7)

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My thanks to Destiny, who published the original tutorial, and gave me permission to make some adjustments and republish. The original tutorial was designed and created by David L. Mahan in 1997. The original tutorial is no longer available.



For this tutorial you will need:

Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop, which you can get at the Jasc site.

A folder on your hard drive to save the files you need and the images you create for this tutorial.

My book template file (cc_book.psp), which you can get by clicking 
here and choosing Save. (Save to your hard drive in the folder you created.)

If you'd like more than one page in your book download my "cc_book2.psp" file here. (Save to your hard drive in the folder you created.)

The graphic(s) of your choice to complete your book.  You can find some tubes I have made here. You will need one graphic for your book cover and an additional graphic for each page you want your book to have.

The best advice I can give you is to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!  There's not much worse than losing all your hard work due to a program or computer lock up or melt down!!! your work often...I will be putting reminders throughout the tutorial:


As with any of my tutorials, please feel free to use any colors or graphics you like to create you own unique image.

Okay, let's get started...





1. Open cc_book.psp in PSP7.  It will look like this:

Your layer palette should look like this:

This image will make a book with one flip - you will have your closed book with the graphic of your choice on the cover and page one in your "open" book decorated with a graphic or text or both!

2. Copy this image (Shift +D) and close the original for later use.

3. Save your duplicate image as "my_book.psp".

NOTE: If you are using PSP8, be sure to save your image as PSP7 compatible.

4. Open the graphics you have chosen for your book in PSP, duplicate them (Shift +D), then close the originals.

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