Cathy's Corner Burlap Tutorial

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This tutorial will show you a "simple" way to make a burlap background, like the one I used for this page.

Open a new image 300x300, transparent background, 16 million colors.

Flood fill with a color of your choice. I used RED 255, GREEN 232, BLUE 217. 

Go to Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds, use the following settings: (I changed my color as follows, to go with the background color I chose.)


This is the first "Blinds" setting

Now apply the Blinds filter again, this time checking the horizontal box.

Next, go to Effects/Texture Effects/Mosaic Glass and use the following settings:


Mosaic Glass settings

That's it.  Now to make a seamless background, double click on the selection tool Selection Tool and enter the following numbers and click OK:


Selection properties

Your image will now look like this:


Selected area

Now go to Selections and choose Convert to Seamless Pattern.  This will create a new image 100x100 which you can use for a background.  Save the new image and you're ready to use it.

You can get different colors by using the colorization filter in PSP.  Here are a few samples I made.  I started with the original image (the color of this background) and colorized it.


Color samples


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