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This tutorial will show you how to make a simple butterfly using Paint Shop Pro 6 or 7, like this one:

Click here to download the zip file of my butterfly selection

First, download my "butterfly selection" by clicking on the butterfly above.  Unzip this file to a folder on your hard drive.  This file is named "butterfly_lg.sel". 

If you have never used selections in Paint Shop Pro, I suggest that you make a folder on your hard drive named "Selections" now.  You can load selections from any folder on your hard drive, so the folder can reside anywhere on your computer.

NOTE:  You can not "open" selection files using Paint Shop Pro.  These files will only work when "loaded" into an existing image/graphic, as described in the instructions below.

1. In PSP6 open a new image 450x350, transparent background, 16 million colors.

2. Rename Layer1 to "color".  Double click on this layer in your layer palette and the Layer Properties box will open.  Type "Colors" in the name box and click OK.

3. Add a new layer and name it "outline".  You can add a new layer by clicking on the button in the top left corner of your layer palette (the one that looks like two sheets of payer) or by clicking on Layers in your main menu bar and choosing New Raster Layer.

4. Your layer palette should look like this:

layer pallette.gif (5367 bytes)

5. With the outline layer active (highlighted), load your butterfly selection. Click on Selections, choose Load From Disk and browse to the folder you unzipped your "butterfly_lg.sel" file to. Click on this file and then click Open.

NOTE: Selection files can not be "opened" in Paint Shop Pro - they can only be "loaded", as explained above.

6. Your image should look like this (I added white only for clarity - you should have a transparent background.):

selection.gif (5226 bytes)

7. Flood fill the selected area with black:

outline.gif (13311 bytes)

8. Deselect. Click on Selections and choose Select None.

9. With the outline layer active, use the magic wand to select one of the wing areas.  Then go to Selections/Modify/Expand - expand by 2 pixels:

selection1.gif (10149 bytes)

10. Now highlight the "colors" layer by clicking on it and flood fill with the color of your choice.

11. With the selection still active, apply an inner bevel (Image/Effects/Inner Bevel) using the following settings:

bevel settings.gif (7107 bytes)

12. You should end up with:

selection2.gif (13091 bytes)

13. Repeat steps 9 through 12 for all four "wing" sections, you should end up with this:

selection3.gif (16299 bytes)

14. You can merge visible layers and save as a picture tube, or merge all layers and save as a GIF or JPG.

15. After creating your butterfly, you can change the color by colorizing your image.  (Colors/Colorize or Shift+L)

16. Try fooling around with your flood fill, using gradients and/or patterns for an endless variety of effects.


Here is an image I made using the butterflies, by creating tubes and "painting" them on:

Butterfly Picture

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Martijn has translated this tutorial to Dutch.
You can find the Dutch version at his site:

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