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This tutorial written by Cathy on June 30, 2002.
This was inspired by a glass bowl image created from one of Mahogany's tutorials.  Unfortunately, Mahogany has taken her tutorials down.  I hope she returns soon...she has so much talent and I miss her!!

I originally thought of this as a "terrarium", but while writing the tutorial
I realized that most terrariums that I remember seeing had a cover
and I wasn't about to go there! LOL


For this tutorial you will need:

Paint Shop Pro, which you can get at the Jasc site
Eye Candy 3 - you get a free copy here.

Here are the icons for the tools we will be using for this tutorial:

  New (image)
  Undo (this button should be your "best friend")
  Save (probably the most important of all)
  Add Raster Layer
  Preset Shape
  Selection Tool
  Alpha Load Selection
  Alpha Save Selection
  Invert Selection 
  Flip Image
  Eraser Tool
  Picture Tube

The best advice I can give you is to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!  There's not much worse than losing all your hard work due to a program or computer lock up or melt down!!!  So...save your work often...I will be putting reminders throughout the tutorial:


As with any of my tutorials, please feel free to use any colors you like to create you own unique image.

Okay, let's get started...




1. Open a new image: 300x400 pixels, 16 million colors, transparent background.

2. Save your file as "my_glass-bowl.psp"

TIP: when saving in psp format, check the options in the save box and make sure you have your options set to PSP7 compatible or PSP8 compatible.

3. Set your foreground and background colors to white.

4. Add a new raster layer and name it "glass".

5. Click on your Preset Shapes tool and choose ellipse. (Retain Style NOT checked; Antialias checked; Create as Vector NOT checked.)

6. Starting at coordinates 35, 135 draw out a circle to coordinates 265, 365. (check out my "PSP Guides Tutorial" for easy coordinate location.):

�Cathy's Corner
(image reduced to 80%)


7. Click on your Selection tool (set to ellipse).

8. Starting at coordinates 150, 135 draw out your ellipse to coordinates 55, 75 (see below):

�Cathy's Corner
(image reduced to 80%)

9. Hit your delete key.


10. Selections/Select All.

11. Selections/Float.

12. Selections/Defloat.

13. Save selection to Alpha Channel:

PSP8: Selections/Load/Save Selection/Save Selection to Alpha Channel/Save

PSP7: Selection/Save to Alpha Channel/OK/OK

14. Selections/Select None.

15. Make sure your "glass" layer is still active and hit your delete key to clear this layer.

16. Load your selection from the Alpha Channel:

PSP8: Selections/Load/Save Selection/Load Selection from Alpha Channel/Load

PSP7: Selection/Load from Alpha Channel/OK

17. Apply a Cut Out using the following settings:


18. Add a new raster layer and name it "glass2".

19. Repeat your Cut Out, changing your Offsets to: -10.

20. Selections/Select None.


21. Turn off the visibility for your bottom layer (PSP8 - "Raster1"; PSP7 - "Layer1").

22.  Merge your two glass layers and rename this new merged layer "glass".

23. PSP8: Adjust/Blur/Blur More.
     PSP7: Effects/Blur/Blur More.

24. Load your selection from the Alpha Channel

PSP8 - Selections/Load/Save Selection/Load from Alpha Channel

PSP7 - Selections/Load from Alpha Channel

25. Apply Eye Candy Glass using the following settings:

Bevel Width - 8
Bevel Shape - Button
Flaw Spacing - 999
Flaw Thickness - 0
Opacity - 100
Refraction - 10
Color - White
Highlight Brightness - 100
Highlight Sharpness - 100
Direction - 111
Inclination - 59

26. Selections/Select None.





1. Duplicate your glass layer, (Right click this layer in your Layer Palette and choose Duplicate from the fly out menu), and rename this new layer "glass back".

2. Flip this image. (Image/Flip)

3. Click on your bottom layer (Raster1/Layer1) and flood fill with white, which will make it easier to see in the next step.

4. Using your deformation tool, drag the top of the box down to make your image about 2/3 of it's original height:

�Cathy's Corner


5. Use your Mover tool and move your second glass image over your first image (you may want to zoom in on your image to do this step):

�Cathy's Corner

6. Apply Eye Candy Glass; same settings we used the first time.

7. Load your selection from the Alpha Channel

PSP8 - Selections/Load/Save Selection/Load from Alpha Channel

PSP7 - Selections/Load from Alpha Channel

8. Hit your delete key to clear the portion of this image which falls within the first glass bowl:

�Cathy's Corner

9. Use your eraser tool to clean up the small portions remaining as shown below (I've colored them pink just for ease of viewing):

10. Reduce the opacity of your "glass" layer to 80%.

11. Drag your "glass back" layer beneath your "glass" layer:


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All Art Work & Graphics Designed by Cathy
This tutorial originally posted on June 30, 2003
Copyright © 1999 - 2003 by Cathy.
All rights reserved.
Revised: April 06, 2008.