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explanation of the FBN skill ratings.)

This tutorial will show you how to make a seamless image like the one I used as the background for this page:

WARNING: The SinedotsII filter is highly addictive!!!

For this tutorial you will need the following:

1. Paint Shop Pro 7 - you can download a 30-day free trial at the  Jasc site.
2. Simple Filters/Pizza Slice Mirror - a free plug-in, which you can get here.
2. Simple Filters/Quick Tile - a free plug-in, which you can get here.
(While you're downloading, why not download all the filters available from the Simple Filters site?)
***Note: if you are using any "Simple" filters for the first time, you will need to convert the files for use with Paint Shop Pro.  You can do this using Plug In Commander Light (PICO).  Stephanie has an excellent tutorial on the use of PICO here.
4. Sinedots II - a free plug in which you can get here
If you do not have any of these plug-ins installed, create new folders in your Plug-In directory for each filter and name them accordingly: "SinedotsII" and "Simple".  Download and unzip these filters to their respective folders.
5. My SinedotsII presets - which you can get in a zip file here.
to the same folder you used for your SinedotsII plug in. This file will be named "cathys_corner_white.cfg".  I have included several presets in this file, not just the one you will use for this tutorial.)

For an in depth tutorial on the SinedotsII plug in please visit Moons Designs' SinedotsII tutorial here. Patti has a great tutorial explaining the basic program with lots of tips.

The most important advice I can give you for any tutorial is: SAVE OFTEN!  I'll remind you throughout the tutorial to save your image.
Once you've saved your image you can hold down your control key and the "s" key at any time to resave. (Ctrl+S)

1. Open a new image, 200x200, white background.

2. Apply the SinedotsII filter:
Click on Effects/Plug-in filters/DragonFly/SinedotsII and the following panel will open:

3. Click on the "open" button at the bottom of the panel:  

4. Click on the file named "cathys_corner_white.cfg" and click the "Open" button:

5. Click on the arrow for the drop down menu (1) and the list of presets I have included will show up.  Find the setting "cc_20" (2) and click on it:

Save your image (Ctrl+S)

6. Click OK on your SinedotsII panel and your image will look like this:

7. Apply your Pizza Slice Mirror filter. Effects/Plug-in Filters/Simple/Pizza Slice Mirror.

8. Open a new image, 300x300, white background.

9. Add a new layer

10. Double click on your selection tool and enter the following:
Left: 60; Right: 240, Top: 60; Bottom: 240

11. Copy your first image and paste into selection:

Save your image (Ctrl+S)

12. Deselect. Selections/Select None 

13. Rotate your image 45 degrees (make sure all layers is NOT checked): 

14. Merge all layers. Layers/Merge All

Save your image (Ctrl+S)

15. Apply your Quick Tile filter. Effects/Plug-in Filters/Simple/Quick Tile:

16. Resize your image to 200x200 and save.  You have a seamless image for use as a background or fill.


TIP: If you'd like to lower the opacity of your image, here's a trick I use:

1. Promote your background to a layer. Layers/Promote to Layer.

2. Add a new layer. Layers/New Raster Layer

3. Send this new layer to the bottom. Layers/Arrange/Send to Bottom.

4. Flood fill your new layer with white.

5. Adjust the opacity of your graphic layer until you are happy with it.

Here is the same graphic with different opacity settings:



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