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My tutorials are all written and designed by me - totally!
Every word and graphic is copyright by Cathy's Corner.
They are not to be used for any reason other than for use in 
completing my tutorial. They are not to be copied in any way, 
for any reason, other than for personal use.
However; any image you create following any of
my tutorials is yours to do with as you please!

Most of my tutorials were written for use with Paint Shop Pro Version 7; although several were written using Version 6.You should be able to complete most of my tutorials with PSP8 or higher if you are using one of those versions.


If you would like to use one of my tutorials for a graphics group, you may offer a link only to your group.  I only ask that you email me and let me know which tutorial you are using and the name of your group.
I would love to see your members' finished results!

Please see my Terms of Use page for more info.

Tutorial List

Animated Book
Animated Christmas Tree
April Showers
Artist Basket
Basic Picture Frame
Blooming Rose
Bubble Background
Bunny Hug (Pixel Painting)
Burlap Background
Candle Holder
Center of Attention
Ceramic Tiles I (Eye Candy)
Ceramic Tiles II (Blade Pro)
Dancing Bears
Dolphin I (Selections)
Dolphin II (Vectors)
Easter Egg
Easy Plaid
Garden Angel
Glass Bowl
Glitter Sig Tag
Hang In There
Holiday Greeting
Indian Maiden
Jukebox (Pixel Painting)
Love Birds (Pixel Painting)
Making Tubes
My Little Angel
Navigation Menu
One Summer Night
PSP Guides
Patterned Backgrounds
Picnic Scene
Pledge of Allegiance (Pixel Painting)
Rainy Day Duck
Ribbon Text
Roses on a Trellis
Sad Little Clown
Shamrock 3D
SinedotsII Seamless Background
SinedotsII Seamless Background2
Tile Frame
Toy Bench I
Toy Bench II
Vase Tutorial
Votive Candle Holder
Weave Frame
Web Page Set
Web Page Set Using Tables
Window Frame

My PSP thoughts...

I began using Paint Shop Pro© years ago...with version 4.0! It was the first graphics program I used to play with digital images. That was long before I ever had my own web site...I was just learning a new hobby.

I was spending hours and hours searching the internet for tutorials written for this program.  The Paint Shop Pro© community was HUGE!!! And a friendlier group of people you never met.  I felt like I was starved for knowledge and I'm sure my family only recognized me from behind as I spent so much time in front of the computer monitor satisfying my needs for all things Paint Shop Pro©. 

I found myself thinking..."I bet I could do that with PSP".  I was off exploring the many tools this program had to offer and learned just how powerful this program was.

Sharing was what the PSP community was all about and I wanted to share some of the things I had learned.  I became a tutorial writer myself. My goal was to write tutorials that anyone familiar with the program could follow.  I was a stickler for concise directions and screenshots when necessary.

One thing led to another and one day while reading the newsgroup, someone posted a message containing a huge list of tutorial sites.  I saved that list and referred to it often.  Soon the list became outdated and I decided to put a current list on my site.  I compiled tutorial links from EVERYWHERE! I put them together and they went up on my site. Keeping that list updated was a lot of work, but it was done with love!

Then in 2004, Jasc Software, the creator and owner of Paint Shop Pro©, was sold to Corel.  I was naive enough to think this wouldn't make much difference. Of course, I was wrong. While not a problem, it isn't the same anymore.

Several new versions of the program have been released through the new owners, Corel, but the changes have been minimal.  While I did purchase version X, that's as far as I got.

Paint Shop Pro is still my program of choice for graphics, but graphics no longer hold my attention as they once did. I have no idea how long it has been since I've written a new tutorial and I'm sure it will be a while before I write a new one.